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Yellow Coloured Antique Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-56

Paired with Blue coloured blouse as an extension, Shreedevi Textiles offers you the Yellow coloured Antique Banaras saree wovened along side the Jari work body and Antique Jari border.Highlighted designs in the saree will enlight the brighter side in you to the world of Ethnicity.


Mustard Coloured Antique Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-55

Hello!!!Your Wardrobe is waiting for a permanent guest!!!Here is the Mustard coloured Antique Banaras saree from the traditional wing of Shreedevi Textiles, the saree is designed with Jari work body and Jari border along side the Mustard Coloured blouse part as an added delightfulness to this ethnic wear.


Black Coloured Antique Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-54

Searching for the traditional and versatile outfit in your wardrobe, here the house of Shreedevi Textiles presents you the Black coloured Antique Banaras saree with Jari with Weaving work body and Antique Jari border,Excite to own it right.Wait the offers are more!!!The outfit carries itself stylish Red coloured blouse part with it.


Pink Coloured Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-53

The fantabulous Pink coloured saree wovened with Banaras material highlighted with Thread and Weaving work body and jari with Thread work border will bring you a cherishable moment always when you wear it.Make the moment more cherishable when you wear this ethnic wear that comes along with Yellow coloured blouse part.


Red Coloured Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-52

Looking for the reflection of your rich sense of ethnic styles' presence in your dressing wardrobe,here comes the Thread with viving body and Jari border in Red coloured Banaras Fancy saree and its teamed along side the Violet blouse part.


Purple Coloured Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-41

Searching for the exposing of your rich sense of traditional taste in your dressing,here comes the combo of both Printed body and Antique jari border in Purple coloured Banaras saree paired up along side the Golden coloured blouse part.


Navy Blue Coloured Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-40

Wanna Stun everyone by being gorgeous ever??!!!Here is the reflection for it!!The Navy Blue coloured saree which is along side the Weaving and Thread work body and jari border and added to its delightfulness will be the Green Coloured blouse part.All from the one point ethnic destination-Shreedevi Textiles.


Green Coloured Banaras Fancy Saree-SDF-39

Looking for simplicity in ethnic mode, here the traditional house of Shreedevi Textile gifts you the Green coloured Banaras saree and Thread with Weaving body.Added to this ethnic trending comes the flower design Jari border and Magenta coloured plain blouse part.


Yellow Coloured Banaras Saree-SDF-38

Yellow coloured Banaras ethnic wear!!!Here it is from the house of Shreedevi Textiles -Yellow Coloured Banaras saree with added delightfulness as Thread with Weaving body and trendy Jari border.The added Pink Coloured blouse part will enhance your glow in the world of Traditional.


Yellow Coloured Banaras Saree-SDF-37

Tweet the traditionality to your followers by displaying with this Yellow coloured Banaras saree ,with Thread Weaving body and associated with sizzling Jari border and Green Coloured blouse part from the traditional wing of Shreedevi Textiles.